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5 Tips for Creating Viral Content for your Business

Your eyes open to see that your company's social media businesses pages have gone viral. Thousands of views, comments, and shares, and your phone is ringing off the hook with customer calls.

If you run a business or produce content, you're probably fantasizing about this moment. Let us break the truth for you.

Viral content does not just "happen". It's built, planned, and managed.

With today's social media, you're surrounded by thousands of businesses all vying for a fraction of a second of the customer's attention. The key to overcoming this difficulty is to provide meaningful content that actually helps your clients live better lives. Before implementing the five tips, it will be helpful to have a general understanding of What Brands Should Avoid When Advertising on Social media.

Though there is no guarantee that your content will go viral, there are characteristics that contribute to viral content and effective marketing strategies. The main five components are addressed as follows:

Emotional Connection


Catchy Hashtags



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1. Build an Emotional Connection

In one of the scenes of a film about an African American washerwoman who rises from poverty to create a beauty empire and become the first female self-made millionair, she promotes one of her hair products in a crowded market, but no one pays attention to her. Until she collapses and begins recounting her story. Boom! People were rushing to buy her items. That is how effective it is to link your business or brand to an emotional story.

Even though we tend to think of ourselves as rational beings, emotions drive the majority of our decisions. The human brain thrives on relating to and connecting with others. In reality, your followers will forget the majority (if not all) of the details of what you say. They will remember how your content makes them feel, though. Because of this, it's vital to incorporate humor, enthusiasm, and empathy into your regular daily content as well as your brand’s story.

For instance, the bag maker and retailer EBags recognized that a great portion of their customers were travelers. To benefit from this, the company created #TravelTipTuesday, a straightforward and successful strategy to provide amazing experiences to its viewers. The hashtag keeps customers coming back for more excellent advice. Additionally, the company frequently publishes articles and travel guides that offer fantastic advice to travelers. On Facebook alone, they have over 280,000 fans because of their exceptional content.

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2. Headlines

Five times as many people read the headline as the substance of the article. When you write your headline, you have already spent 80 cents of your dollar, according to David Ogilvy, who is known as the "Father of Advertising."

Your headlines must tell a narrative, entice people to read more, and motivate them to share. The amount of traffic to your content will rely on how compelling your headline is. Every marketing effort you do will be a complete waste of time if you don't make it clickable.

Here are some of our top tips for creating impactful headlines for your particular business specialty.:

Use the list's heading or factual data in numbers

Rationales such as "tricks, reasons, ideas, strategies, hacks, ways, facts, tips"

Write with a human voice, not a machine.

Use a website to generate headlines

3. Catchy Hashtags

The best approach to deal with hashtags is to use a hashtag generator. Remember that this is the primary method through which people will find you on social media. So all of your posts require these, but you must get them properly. To keep your posts neat, always include all hashtags in the first comment. You may also design your own hashtags that are relevant to your business or brand, but keep in mind that they should be unusual, so you aren't vying for attention with too many other competitors, and short, so people will look and reuse it themselves.

4. Trending

Social networking networks have been employed as e-commerce platforms as of 2022, and this trend is expected to continue. It's conceivable that consumers will move away from traditional internet retailers and instead share special events with their friends on social media and purchase things they see there.

On Instagram, for instance, users can now buy anything they see in posts or stories without ever leaving the app. There are even malls set up specifically for Instagram users who wish to purchase within the app. In addition, Facebook includes a marketplace where users may purchase and sell goods.

If things are currently working this way, why not try it for your business? When it comes to trends, you should also constantly think about checking Google Trends, which will show you what has been popular worldwide. Utilize these trends as the basis for your content creation and join the conversation. Additionally, you may learn about SEO Keyword Research to improve the ranking of your content on Google.

4. Consistency:

There are hundreds of tricks to create "viral content," as you can see by searching Google. Some marketers emphasize the visually appealing side, others the importance of the words, while others claim that it's all about providing the audience with something they can relate to. The list goes on forever.

The fact is that your content will never go viral for the first or second time; rather, the journey will most likely include many tries, testing, and experiments, during which you will most likely get to know your audience and gain the ability to speak effortlessly to their hearts. It works just like that. Knowing your audience comes first in all you do. Then, if your content is consistently engaging, emotionally captivating, and, most importantly, informative, you can expect to receive a flood of comments and become viral.